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A little history about transmissions…

Automatic Transmissions Are Older Than You Think

When transmissions went from manual to automatic most car buyers started jumping up and down, especially those heavy-footed drivers that could wear out a clutch just by driving across town. The transition to the automatic transmission was a smooth one. The technology and the mechanics that make an automatic transmission work have been around since the early 1900s. Germany developed the technology for marine engines.

General Motors introduced the first semi-automatic transmission in 1937. GM called it the “Automatic Safety Transmission.” The marketing scheme behind the AST (automatic safety transmission) was simple; the shifting was easy, and less driving skills were needed to get behind the wheel.

Cadillac and Oldsmobile built models with AST in 1937, and Buick followed in 1938, but the driving public was not impressed so sales suffered. It took GM another ten years to debut the first real automatic transmission in the 1948 Oldsmobile. The “Hydro-Matic” was marketed as the greatest advancement in car technology back in those days even though there were plenty of bugs in the design, which created operating issues. GM continued to work out the flaws, and by 1955 the Hydro-Matic was a household word. The military even used tanks with this automatic transmission design.

In 1956 the Hydro-Matic was replaced by the “Jetaway,” but the Jet didn’t catch on and it was quickly replaced by the Turbo Hydro-Matic. Modified versions of the old Hydro-Matic transmission were used through the 1990s, in hotrods and drag racing cars.

Chrysler got automatic transmission fever in 1942 with a semi-automatic transmission, but Chrysler didn’t introduce the fully automatic “PowerFlite” until 1954. Ford called on BorgWarner to produce their first automatic transmission in 1954. Mercedes jumped into the automatic transmission pile in 1962 and so did Jaguar. Jag used a BorgWarner transmission.

Honda introduced the “Hondamatic” in 1979 as a three speed automatic. Car manufacturers now use five, six, and seven speed transmission in an effort to improve fuel economy and efficiency.

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